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Steel water tanks in Newcastle

Steel water tanks in Newcastle

We're taking a quick look back at a project we assisted with in Newcastle, New South Wales.


20 x 3500 Litre Aquaplate Steel slimline water tanks

20 x pre-installed submersible pump systems

The Colorbond water tanks were one of the final pieces required for the project. Ordered in Woodland Grey to contrast with the home and match the trimmings - we manufactured these custom steel water tanks and delivered to the site in Mount Hutton. 

Rainwater tanks in Newcastle play a crucial role to sustainability and water conservation. We are proud to have taken part in such a great project. Our steel rainwater tanks are made from Aquaplate steel which is backed by a 20 year warranty, alongside our 10 year manufacturer's warranty. 

It's always rewarding to work with local companies in the Newcastle region - providing them with a quality and long life steel water tank.

If you have an upcoming project or want to add a great water saving solution to your own home - leave your email below or call us on 1800 826 570