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YARD CLEARING SALE! A further 30% off of our already discounted factory seconds water tanks and garden beds. Applies automatically at checkout.

Water Tanks | Factory Seconds

Our factory seconds section features ready-made steel water tanks that have become available due to cancelled or changed orders, were crafted using excess materials with minor marks, or feature other aesthetic exterior imperfections. These tanks are offered at significantly reduced prices, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a cost-effective water storage solution without the wait.

Quality and Functionality Intact: Despite aesthetic imperfections or the use of excess materials, these tanks maintain the high-quality standards Coast and Country Water Tanks is known for. Each tank is thoroughly inspected to ensure functionality and durability. All yard stock water tanks are covered by the exact same warranty as our custom made water tanks.

Browse and Buy with Confidence: Our stock list of Factory Seconds is frequently updated, allowing you to find the perfect tank for your needs. We also welcome you to visit our factory in Morisset, NSW, to browse our selection in person, ensuring you make a purchase you're completely satisfied with.

aerial photo of the coast and country water tanks factory with discounted tanks outside
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