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Sydney Water Tanks

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3000 Litre slimline water tank Sydney
3000 Litre Slimline Water tank

Spanning across 26 square kilometres, it is Australia’s highest populated city. Coast and Country have been supplying water tanks to the building industry for over 15 years – playing a part in the massive growth we’ve seen Sydney undertake over that time.

Sydney’s demand for water tanks is powered almost exclusively by BASIX thanks to all the new dwellings being built throughout the region. All new homes must meet sustainability standards and a water tank is one of the most effect ways to achieve that.


Useful information

What type of water tank should I get? 

When choosing a water tank type in Sydney you are going to be affected by two factors – the space you must place your water tank and your budget.


 Wholesale water tank in Smeaton Grange

Metal water tank in Sydney


The area you place your water tank will be the biggest factor you need to consider. If you don’t have a lot of room, you’ll need to look at a slimline or an underground water tank. If burying a tank isn’t an option but you also need to fit in a tight space, a steel slimline tank is often your best option. Poly tanks tend to be much wider than steel slimline tanks and aren’t as flexible in dimensions. 


If budget is your main priority, you should certainly opt for a poly water tank. What you trade in flexibility and aesthetics, you get back in dollars.



Slimline water tanks are by far the most popular water tank format going into Sydney. They are a dynamic product that will fit in most areas. Steel slimline water tanks are great for Sydney properties due to the restricted access, limited room on site and custom home designs. Slimline water tanks are available in capacities as small as 1000 litres all the way up to 7000 litres. 


Less common in Sydney – particularly closer to the city – but round water tanks do get a run on the northern shores and out west – where there is some more space to play with. Round water tanks offer greater capacities for a better price than slimline water tanks. 

On-site detention tanks

A water tank type that has taken off in recent years is the on-site detention tank. The increased demand on existing public storm water systems has led to the need for a way to slow down the flow of rainwater – especially during huge storms. This is a result of new (and often larger) dwellings being constructed in built up areas that have established storm water systems. An OSD tank is a way to slow the water flow and reduce flooding. OSD tanks have an in-built fitting that allows a smaller amount of water to flow out than usual (for example: through a 33mm hole rather than a 100mm hole). This effectively reduces the outflow by 66% - creating less pressure on the existing system. The other important thing about OSD tanks is that they can be used as a two-in-one system. They can act as a detaining vessel while at the same time holding X amount of water for household reuse in your toilets and laundry. 


CCWT is positioned perfectly to service all across Sydney - delivering high quality water tanks and pump solutions for all builders, plumbers and members of the general public.

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