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Metal Water Tanks for Sydney

We are a family-owned, family operated business - and have been manufacturing steel rainwater tanks and garden beds since 2001.

Located just south of Newcastle, in Morisset. We offer a full range of steel water tanks, made on-site and delivered all across New South Wales. Slimline, round, modline and square water tanks are available in a complete range of sizes and in any Colorbond® colour.*

We have a small and friendly team who are ready to help with any enquiry.

We employ local people and source from Australian companies - both big and small.

Buying a water tank can be a daunting process - especially if it's the first time you've purchased one.

If this is the case, calling us is a great option and we'd happily answer any questions you might have.

There are a number of things to consider when buying a water tank and while we do cover many points right here on our website, it is often a good idea to call the first time.

Have a read through our blog posts to learn more about water tanks!

*Subject to availability, please read our terms and conditions*

Selecting the right pump to go with my water tank

Selecting the right pump to go with my water tank

It is possible to find a variety of rainwater harvesting pumps with varying features and specifications.

What is the best way to select a water pump? Let us narrow the field.

Rainwater harvesting can be used for the following purposes:

1. Only for use in the garden or outdoors
2. Household-wide
3. Auxiliary water systems (plumbed to toilets, washing machine, garden tap with automatic mains water switching)

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Are you benefiting from rainharvesting?

Are you benefiting from rainharvesting?

Something that we tend to take for granted (especially the closer we get to the coast and cities) is the ready availability of water. Water is the biggest case point for not missing something until it's gone, and its crucial to ensure you always have a ready alternative supply. 
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Water supply for a home on the Central Coast

Water supply for a home on the Central Coast

What are your options when you do not have access to mains water (town supply)?

There is only one - and that is to buy a rainwater tank. 

Water tanks can easily be added to your home - either as your entire supply of water or to supplement your mains water supply and save on your water bill. 

In this case - this property in Holgate on the Central Coast of New South Wales does not have access to mains water, so they ordered a 20,000-litre steel water tank to supply their home.

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