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Filter replacement parts

A complete collection of all components and cartridges to refresh your filtration system! 

You can search by model to find your replacement parts and buy as a bundle to save more money.

 All Puretec filtration components are available with free shipping!


Filter replacement parts
FL051: Fluoride Removal Cartridge, 10", 5 Micron
CE941: Ceramic Filter Cartridge, 10", .2 Micron
Puretec DP10MP2: Dual Purpose Carbon Cartridge, 20" MP, 10 Micron
Puretec PL05M2: Pleated Sediment Cartridge, 20" MP 5 Micron
Puretec Hybrid maintenance kits
From $448.00
Save $4.17
RQS6: Replacement Quartz Sleeve suitable for Hybrid-G/R Series
$69.00 $73.17
Save $5.51
RL6: Hybrid UV Lamp, suit G / R series
$130.00 $135.51
Puretec PL05MP1: Pleated Sediment Cartridge, 10" MP, 5 Micron