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Firewood storage hutch


A CCWT firewood storage hutch is the perfect way to store your firewood. It's made from high quality corrugated Colorbond Aquaplate steel and can be ordered in a large variety of sizes. Made here in Australia, these fire wood storage solutions will last for many years, and keep your wood dry all year round.

A long lasting, metal constructed wood storage hutch.

Air circulation is essential to allowing your firewood to dry to under 20% moisture content for the most consistent burn free of as much smoke as possible. This firewood storage hutch has a meshed base to allow a draft to rise up through your stacked firewood increasing drying speeds. A colour matched backing sheet closes off the back, allowing you to sit all your stacked logs flush for an aesthetic finish.


Most of the moisture in cut wood gets expelled through the cut ends, so stacking the cut firewood horizontally while building vertically is the ideal way to store it, and our firewood storage hutches enable you to do just that in a stylish and long lasting Australian made product.



Available dimensions:

900 x 600 x 635

1200 x 800 x 635

1800 x 1150 x 635

900 x 600 x 800

1200 x 800 x 800

1800 x 1150 x 800


Aquaplate Steel

Available colours (can be painted on request)
Galvanised, Monument or Woodland Grey