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Slimline Water Tanks

Why should I choose a slimline?

Slimline water tanks are the absolute best choice for a rain harvesting solution that will fit in a difficult position. 

With capacities ranging from 500 litres up to 8,000 litres and thousands of different configurations, you can quickly and conveniently find a size that works for you.

Slimline water tanks are manufactured as narrow as 550mm in width or as broad as 1150mm. Length can be customised anywhere between 1200mm and 4000mm combined with ten different heights. Your options are enormous. Having options is incredibly important when ordering a water tank for a property that may have limited available space for storage, like in parts of Newcastle, Sydney or the Central Coast.

Unlike poly water tanks with set sizes, having such a diverse range of options is only possible through steel water tanks. Our Aquaplate Steel water tanks are of the highest quality and available in all configurations. 


Coast and Country Water Tanks has been in the industry for 20 years. We're a family-run, Australian-owned and operated company that manufactures in Morisset, NSW. We employ local people, support Australian businesses and donate to community initiatives. We have slimline water tanks for sale in our holding yard in Morisset if you want to come and see the physical product.

slimline water tank in basalt finish