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Made local, by locals

Newcastle Water Tanks available in the widest range of styles and sizes

Newcastle Water Tanks

Steel water tanks manufactured locally and delivered to site in Newcastle

Newcastle Water Tanks


Newcastle, renowned for its vibrant beach culture, flourishing industries, and bustling tourism, is rapidly becoming a go-to alternative to Sydney. This expanding city has not just garnered attention but also a rapidly increasing population. With the city's growth, there is an increased need for rainwater storage to accommodate new residential communities and reduce the pressure on the established stormwater systems.


At Coast and Country Water Tanks we take pride in our locally manufactured steel tanks. Conveniently located just a 30-minute drive away in Morisset, we are ideally positioned to serve Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs with great prices and lead times.


Our Mission


Our aim is to supply Newcastle with locally produced and Australian-owned steel water tanks. To achieve this, we collaborate with a wide variety of local Newcastle trades, builders, and water tank resellers.


Why water tanks are used in Newcastle?


Living in Newcastle comes with its unique set of water storage needs. Newcastle has adopted a permanent water conservation measure call Smart Water Choices. This puts limits on using water for gardening and cleaning purposes throughout the day. Yet with an average annual rainfall of nearly a metre​​, even small to average sized homes could catch and store enough rainwater to help them use water as needed. ​.


Water Tanks for BASIX Requirements


In NSW, new homes are mandated to meet certain sustainability standards under the BASIX scheme. One cost-effective way to meet these requirements is by installing a rainwater tank. Use of rainwater for toilets and laundry significantly reduces household water consumption. You can also require a BASIX water tank for house extensions or certain classes of renovations.


Water Tanks for Bush Fire-Prone Areas


For homes in bushfire-prone zones, a water storage system for firefighting purposes may be a necessity both practically and legally. Our bush fire water tanks are made of BlueScope steel and available with the required RFS Storz connection fittings Always ensure you have sufficient water available for when fire comes.


On-site Detention Water Tanks


We offer a range of Onsite Stormwater Detention (OSD) tanks, custom designed to your required specifications. OSD tanks are often required during a knock-down or rebuild where the roof of the new structure is larger than the original. OSD water tanks are a cost-effective way of reducing the strain put on our stormwater systems by storing and slowly releasing the water to reduce the chance of flooding. They can also be required by your local council when a lot of new construction projects are being built in an already established area.


Personal Use / Personal Supply


Many rural areas on the outskirts of Newcastle do not have access to the mains water supply. Rainwater tanks are a perfect solution. Our tanks are made entirely of food grade and potable water safe materials, so when equipped with proper filtration systems they can provide clean and safe drinking water.