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Modline water tanks

Why should I choose a modline water tank?

Modline water tanks are best suited for limited space but maximum capacity. They are rectangular, so the capacity that slimline water tanks give up in their curves are picked up when you choose a modline water tank. They are not as popular as slimlines because:

  • Polyurethane water tanks aren't made in a modline shape so people are less familiar with them (poly water tanks make up a considerable volume of the water tank market)
  • Customers are typically price-conscious and will opt for the cheaper slimline

Modline water tanks require slightly more material to construct, so they do cost more - but over a long period (steel water tanks last longer than 30 years), you'll save far more water and make up for the initial outlay. Value for money is undoubtedly geared more towards modline water tanks - they are a good balance between round water tanks and slimline water tanks in terms of utility.


Coast and Country Water Tanks has been in the industry for 20 years. We're a family-owned, Australian-owned and operated company that manufactures in Morisset, NSW. We employ local people, support Australian businesses and donate to community initiatives. We have modline water tanks for sale in our holding yard in Morisset if you want to touch and feel the product. They're also listed in this collection!

ccwt modline metal water tank in ironstone