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Space Saver Sheds


Made for people who want to maximise their outdoor living space, Space Saver Sheds provide a sleek and unique storage solution, designed to fit in narrow spaces and complement any existing Colorbond® products in your home.

As our outdoor living space shrinks, space in our backyard has a premium value. Typical garden sheds have many issues. They take up a large amount of space, are often unsightly, need to be built on-site, and have the additional cost of a concrete slab required as their base. Space Saver Sheds solve these problems and easily fit down the side of your home, sitting against a boundary fence, or over an easement, all without compromising your valuable backyard living space. Now available with custom dimensions.

Space Saver Sheds are available here in three standard sizes:

The 22 - 2200mm L x 850 D x 1860 H

  With a 900 W x 1445 H door.

The 24 - 2400mm L x 1000 D x 2020 H

  With a 900 W x 1445 H door.

The 28 - 2800mm L x 1150 D x 2310 H

  With a 1200 W x 1900 H door.


Please note: Due to supplier delays there is about a 6-8 week lead time on new shed orders

Built Tough and Secure

A genuine b&d Rollmasta® door seals the front of your shed from the elements.

Lockable and secure, it also keeps anyone unwanted out, from securing your bike and keeping it out of the rain, to just keeping the kids away from your garden chemicals and tools.

A Space Saver Shed is a sleek storage solution that suits any yard.

An All Aussie Product

Space Saver Sheds are made locally, from Australian parts and materials. This means we proudly display our Australian Made certification and you can rest assured you're getting a quality product - Designed for the harsh Aussie climate

Cost Effective

Space Saver Sheds are a cost-effective storage solution because there is no concrete slab required. After purchasing your shed it will be delivered assembled and ready to install onto any flat and level surface. No other components are required, saving you time, money and additional labour.

Vertically opening roller door

To fit the most narrow of spaces