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No access water tank on the Central Coast

No access water tank on the Central Coast

The problem

We were approached by our client in Avoca, Central Coast. 

They were required by the council to produce a 20,000-litre water tank, but their site was not ideal for the water tank placement. 

The water tank needed to be close enough to the dam so that the pump could pull water from it for fire-fighting while close enough to the house to be effective.

The only appropriate location for the water tank was underneath the house. We were excited about the opportunity to carry out this water tank installation.


water tank under house

The only available access for our team


This presented a problem for other tank suppliers as round tanks assembled on-site are typically only between 2m and 2.5m tall, while poly water tanks will not fit through the provided access. However, this particular job needed to be 3m high to achieve their capacity.

The water tank clearly could not be built and delivered like an under-deck water tank, so we managed to provide a solution for this client. 


To overcome this problem, we manufactured the water tank's components in our factory in Morisset - packaged them and then delivered them to the site on the Central Coast. Once all parts were under the house - we quickly assembled the components and sealed the tank on-site. Once sealed, we fitted the lid that we had prepared earlier and installed all the tank's required fittings. We ensured enough space was left between pipework to make tank repairs and cleaning simple.


And that's it!


water tank central coastwater tank easy access for maintenance, cleaning and repairsFire-fighting water tank



We were pleased to provide a solution for the problematic situation our client faced. For over 20 years, we've provided these kinds of solutions for Central Coast water tanks.

If you would like to enquire about your own custom solution for a water tank - you can contact us on 1800 826 570 or leave your details on the form provided.


About us

Coast and Country Water Tanks specialises in finding solutions for water tanks on the Central Coast NSW. We also specialise in slimline water tanks for the central coast.  If you are interested in water tanks for sale on the central coast, our factory at Morisset frequently has specials on the stock in the yard. We also sell water tank pumps that are suitable for any application. 

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