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How to move a slimline water tank

We advise that you leave this for the professionals. Slimline water tanks are cumbersome and awkward to manoeuvre.

But if time is critical or calling professionals to help is outside the budget, here's some crucial advice on how to move a slimline water tank that is already installed.

What you'll need:

  • Four to six able-bodied people to help
  • Plumbing tools (hacksaw, Stilson's, screw gun)
  • Hand truck (optional)
  • A solid block of wood or brick

To move the tank, follow these steps:


01. Uninstall the slimline water tank.

Remove any fixed fittings that will prevent you from moving the tank. Typically this includes the overflow (which will be connected to stormwater drainage) your 25mm outlet (connected to an external pump) and sometimes your inlet strainer will have a downpipe fed directly to it (just cut it back until you can move the tank). You will occasionally have a slightly more complicated setup that may require more work. For example, there may be a submersible pump installed in your tank which will need to move with your water tank. This will require disconnecting (or cutting away) any pipework that is coming out of your tank. If you have a high-quality installation, you may just be able to close ball valves located up top and unscrew the fittings. It does vary, depending on when your water tank was installed. Also carefully remove the electrical lead that powers your submersible pump.

02. Empty any water from the tank.

This is a step that catches a lot of people out. You may have opened a ball valve at the bottom of the tank to drain the water out and think it's ready to be moved. Unfortunately, your water tank is probably still holding 100 or more litres below that 25mm outlet (often much more than that). Now, 1 litre = 1 kg and this weight likes to move around, so you may find yourself apologising to your shortest helper who is about to receive the full brunt of that weight while your tallest helper isn't sure why everyone is complaining. For the sake of everyone's back, it's a good idea to fully drain your water tank. You can do this by either propping your tank up by hand or placing your block underneath the end opposite of the 25mm outlet so that the water can make it's way out. Get to this step as early as possible because it can take a surprisingly long time to empty that last few hundred litres of your tank.

03. Make sure you have a clear path.

While you're waiting for your tank to empty, check your path to the slimline water tank's new position. You will be preoccupied with carrying your water tank and will have extremely limited visibility around your feet therefore you must have a clear path with no obstacles. This is critical for the safety of everyone.

04. Prop the tank up so everyone can get under.

With some help, you should be able to lift one end of the tank to prop it with your block or hard cap boots if you've got some on. Repeat at the other end so everyone can get underneath the tank. From here, safe lifting protocols going forward. Lift with your knees and start walking the tank to it's new position. In a limited set of circumstances, you can use a hand truck to move the slimline water tank. Just take care not to damage the base of your tank.

05. Carry the tank to its new location.

Once you get to the new position, lower the tank together evenly so that the weight is distributed evenly. DO NOT drop the tank down onto the pad or you may damage the structure. The idea is to lower by bending your knees slowly and place the tank on your boots or some pre-set blocks so that you can get your hands out from underneath the tank. Clear your boots and blocks out from underneath the tank once in position and you've successfully moved your slimline water tank!

If you follow these steps, you'll be able to move your slimline water tank without any problems! Good luck!

CCWT has a range of different water tanks that are perfect for your home or garden, so be sure to check them out next time you're looking for a new addition! And remember, if you need help moving your slimline water tank, it's always a good idea to call the professionals! Water tanks are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, so it's always better to be safe than sorry!

Thanks for reading!