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ccwt kulnura bucketty rural fire service water storage firefighting tanks

Central Coast Council - Static Water Storage Tanks

The Central Coast Council recently partnered with Coast & Country Water Tanks to install steel rainwater tanks designed for fighting bushfires in the high-risk area of Kulnura on the Central Coast. These tanks, made with Aquaplate steel, are known for their durability and performance in harsh weather conditions, making them the perfect choice for this location.

Each tank has a capacity of 20,000 litres and is fitted with industrial class fittings, including butterfly valves and custom hatches for easy access during maintenance. The tanks are also fitted with water level indicators and custom barriers to protect them from damage during a bushfire.

The use of steel rainwater tanks for firefighting is not a new concept, but this project stands out for its focus on high-quality materials and fittings that are specifically tailored to the needs of the region. The use of Aquaplate steel ensures that the tanks can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, while the industrial fittings allow for fast filling and draining of the tanks in case of an emergency.

ccwt kulnure firefighting water tank fittings and connections

But the real highlight of this project is the partnership between a local council and local manufacturers. By working together, they were able to design and produce a steel rainwater tank that is perfectly suited to the needs of the community.

This collaboration shows the value of partnerships between business and council, and how they can lead to successful and beneficial projects for the community.