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Puretec EM2-65


Dual Filtration System, 10inch, 5 micron, 65 lpm - 1 ½" connections

The Puretec EM2-65 system is the appropriate choice for providing safe, clean, healthy water throughout the house or the office.

Providing maximum filtration with a minimal amount of flow restrictions, the Puretec EM2 series filtration systems provide you with peace of mind throughout the home or office. Protecting appliances from sediment or sludge build-up, and extending the life of ceramic disc tapware. The EM2-60, EM2-110, EM2-65, and EM2-100 also reduce any taste, odours, and chemicals. Enjoy pure and clean water from every tap and outlet in your home.


• Able to operate on gravity feed pressure.
• Designed specifically for rainwater.
• Can also be used on mains, river, dam, and bore water.
• Dual-stage filtration for longer filter life.
• Heavy-duty housings for reliable protection.
• No power required.
• Washable sediment cartridge that removes dirt, rust, and algae in your water.
• Suitable for pre-filtration of a down-line UV purification system. 
The EM2-65 system comes standard with the PL05MP1 pleated sediment filter which has a washable filter that filters down to 5 microns, and a carbon filter to remove tastes and odours from your water.