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FL051: Fluoride Removal Cartridge, 10", 5 Micron


Reduces fluoride and other contaminants in water

The Puretec FL051 cartridge is designed to be used in twin or triple water filtration systems as a prefilter. It provides an easy and effective way to reduce fluoride levels in your drinking water, protecting your health and well-being.

This cartridge is made to fit standard 10" water filtration housings, making it easy to incorporate into your existing filtration system. It is capable of reducing up to 90% of fluoride from your water, providing efficient and effective filtration.

The FL051 has a flow rate of 5 litres per minute and features an ultra-fine 5-micron filtration level. This ensures that it is able to effectively remove fluoride and other contaminants from your water, while still allowing a sufficient flow rate for everyday use.

In addition to its fluoride reduction capabilities, the FL051 is also suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures. It can handle temperatures from as low as 2°C to as high as 38°C, making it a versatile and reliable option for use in various climates.

The FL051 also has a strong and durable construction, with a minimum pressure rating of 100kPa and a maximum of 900kPa. This allows it to withstand the pressure of most water filtration systems, ensuring that it will provide reliable and effective filtration for a long time to come.

The Puretec FL051 cartridge is a simple and effective way to reduce fluoride levels in your drinking water. Its versatile design and reliable construction make it a great choice for use in twin or triple water filtration systems.