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B3 Garden Pump



Why This Pump?

Super reliable, well priced and versatile. The B3 pump has been a favourite of plumbers, rainwater harvesting system technicians, water tank manufacturers and gardeners for over 20 years.

Key Benefits

Bluey will wash the dog, water the vegies, flush the loo, wash your clothes, clean the car, top up the pool and sprinkle your lawn.

  • Activates and shuts down automatically
  • Will not run when your tank runs dry
  • 24 hour restart function means it will automatically check for water daily


B3 Technical Data
Power Absorbed (w) P2 400
Max Pressure 380kpa /  54psi
Max Flow Rate 40 L/min
Max Suction Lift  3m
Inlet Size 1"
Pump Outlet Size 1"