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7,000 litre Slimline Water Tank

Made from resilient Australian Bluescope steel, our 7,000-litre slimline water tank is designed with both aesthetics and function. Whether you're ticking off BASIX requirements or planning an eco-friendly garden, this tank is perfect for the task. 

Included Components:

  • 25mm outlet, with a watermarked and full-flow ball valve.
  • Overflow is 100mm to match modern plumbing standards.
  • Reliable 400mm high-flow inlet strainer.

    Made for small spaces

    Starting at only 550mm wide, slimline water tanks are the best way to save additional water in tight and challenging locations.

    As the manufacturer, we offer custom sizes at no additional cost that are tailored to your space, and a steel water tank's tough but thin walls mean maximised water storage capacity for the space used.

    One of the great advantages of steel water tanks, in addition to their size flexibility, is the range and locations of the fittings you can add on to your tank. From OSD outlets for On Site Detention tanks, to additional outlets for pumps, to meet your BASIX requirements, your tank can be designed to suit your needs exactly.

    While every tank from CCWT already includes the basic fittings needed for your water tank to function, we stock a massive range of extra water tank fittings that we can professionally install on your new tank as well.

    With an industry leading and robust bracing system, Coast and Country Water Tank's slimlines are built to be tough, but with attention to the fine details like our all stainless supporting rods.


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