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65mm Storz Adaptor x 50mm Male BSP


Our Storz Adaptor has been designed to meet NSW RFS requirements and provide reliable firefighting connections. Equipped with a 50mm male BSP thread on the backside, this adaptor is suited for seamless installation onto ball valves, ensuring a secure, compatible, and compliant connection.

Constructed from high-quality forged aluminium, our Storz Adaptor is durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it a dependable solution for your firefighting needs. Its quick-connect design enables fast and efficient coupling under high-pressure situations, an essential feature during emergencies.

Compliant with both NSW state and regional council RFS requirements, this Storz Adaptor facilitates compatibility with standard firefighting equipment and adherence to fire safety regulations, enhancing the protection of your home and surrounding areas.

Manufactured to the highest quality NEN 3374 European standards, our Storz Adaptor reflects the long-standing tradition of excellence in firefighting equipment design, ensuring its performance and reliability in various high-pressure scenarios.