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500mm Inlet Strainer


The 500mm Water Tank inlet strainer is an essential piece of equipment for ensuring that the water flowing into your tank is clean and safe. This strainer is the largest Hi-Flow variant available, making it ideal for capturing the maximum amount of water for your tank. It is designed to easily add additional inflow while still keeping out any unwanted debris, protecting the water quality and ensuring that it is safe to drink.

Made of black polyethylene, this strainer is UV-stabilized to withstand the harsh Australian sun. It has been designed and manufactured in Australia, so you can trust that it is built to withstand our challenging conditions. It meets the required standards for potable water, providing peace of mind that the water flowing through it is safe for consumption.

The strainer also features pre-marked indents for a clean and easy installation. This makes it quick and simple to set up, so you can start using it right away. The 500mm Water Tank inlet strainer is an effective and reliable solution for capturing and filtering water for your tank, ensuring that it is clean and safe to drink.