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5,000 Litre Modline Water Tank

With flat ends, a modline water tank maximizes capacity without demanding any extra space, making every inch count in your property.


  • Design Edge: Unlike slimline tanks with curved ends, our modline tanks leverage flat ends to pack in more capacity without increasing the footprint.

  • Sturdy Build: Made with Australian BlueScope AQUAPLATE®, reinforced by an industry-leading 8mm stainless steel support system.

  • Customization: We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Get your tank tailored to your needs, from its dimensions to the placement of its fittings.

  • Durability Assured: Our confidence in the longevity of our product is reflected in our 20-year anti-corrosion warranty, alongside a 10-year warranty on construction.

  • Quality Materials: We use food-grade AS/NZS 4020 standard components throughout, ensuring clean water storage.

  • Sleek Finish: Our tanks are socket fastened, achieving the most seamless aesthetic finish.

  • Proudly Local: Crafted in Australia by a wholly Australian-owned company.

  • Eco-conscious: Our tanks are 100% recyclable, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

  • Colour Options: Match your setting effortlessly with our full range of modern Colorbond® shades.

    A modern look with big advantages

    A modern and stylish design with the most capacity for the utilised footprint, modline water tanks are fast becoming a favourite of home-owners and builders all over Australia.

    CCWT modline tanks, thanks to the industry's thickest and toughest support system, are available in capacities over 10,500 litres in under 1.2 metres of used space.

    One of the great advantages of steel water tanks, in addition to their size flexibility, is the range and locations of the fittings you can add on to your tank. From OSD outlets for On Site Detention tanks, to additional outlets for pumps, to meet your BASIX requirements, your tank can be designed to suit your needs exactly.

    While every tank from CCWT already includes the basic fittings needed for your water tank to function, we stock a massive range of extra water tank fittings that we can professionally install on your new tank as well.

    With an industry leading and robust bracing system, Coast and Country Water Tank's modlines are built to be tough, but with attention to the fine details like our all stainless supporting rods.


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