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3,000 Litre Poly Super-Slim Water Tank


Rain, rain, go away - not when you have a 3000L slimline rainwater tank to keep it close! Say goodbye to the hassle of watering your garden during droughts and hello to a greener tomorrow. With a compact and strong design, it fits neatly into your living space and comes in 24 beautiful colours to match your home. So why wait? Start harvesting rainwater today and watch your garden thrive!

3000L Super-Slimline Water Tank - Space-Saving Design

  • Compact and strong for easy installation
  • 2 inlet strainers for versatility
  • 2 overflow positions for flexibility
  • Hand-grips for easy handling
  • Lifting lugs for tight spaces
  • 1" ball valve tap and 1" outlets for convenience
  • Ideal for drinking water storage with food-grade material
  • Available in 24 colours to match your surroundings
  • Includes 2 inlet strainers, 90mm overflow, 1" ball valve tap, and 2 1" outlets

Length 3010 mm
Width 700 mm
Total Height 1965 mm
Inlet Height 1965 mm
Capacity 3,000 Litres