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27,000 Litre Poly Round Water Tank

Total Height 2700 mm
Inlet Height 2505 mm
Diameter 3840 mm
Capacity 27,000 Litres


The largest poly water tank you can find, designed to bring a new level of functionality and style to your storage needs. The tank features a unique and innovative design, constructed with high-quality materials to provide strength and protection.

Key Features:

  • Triangular Fin roof design for superior support
  • Genuine corrugated design for wall integrity
  • Constructed with UV-protected raw material for longevity
  • 4 moulded lifting lugs for safe handling and moving
  • 2x 1 ½" BSP outlets for flexible installation options
  • 1x 1 ½" ball valve for immediate use
  • 90mm overflow kit for easy installation
  • 500mm inlet strainer and dust cover to prevent algae growth
  • 24 colour options to match your aesthetic preferences
  • Exceeds Australian standards with rigorous testing
  • Seamless construction for a durable and long-lasting solution