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22,500 Litre Poly Round Water Tank


Built with Crown Force™ Technology, this rainwater tank offers unparalleled strength and durability. The unique inbuilt centre ‘Crown’ provides maximum stability, while the triangular fin roof design stems out from the ‘Crown’ to offer superior support. The walls are further strengthened by the genuine corrugated design, adding to the classic Australian style. The tank is constructed with RGBlend20 raw material, which offers strength and UV protection.

Features and Benefits:

• Crown Force™ Technology: A unique inbuilt centre ‘Crown’ that provides maximum strength and stability. The triangular fin roof design stems out from the ‘Crown’ to provide superior support.

• Corrugated Design: The genuine corrugated design adds to the classic Australian style while also strengthening the walls of the tank.

• Safe Handling: With 4 moulded-in lifting lugs, this poly tank is easy to handle and move into place.

• Flexible Installation: The tank comes with 2 x 1 ½" BSP outlets for easy installation and a 1 x 1 ½" ball valve, making it ready for use as soon as it's installed.

• Overflow Protection: The 90mm overflow kit ensures simple installation anywhere around the tank and prevents water from spilling.

• Algae Prevention: The 500mm inlet strainer and dust cover prevent algae growth in the water, keeping it clean and safe.

• Tested and Certified: Every tank produced is tested and certified to exceed Australian standards.

• Seamless Construction: The poly tank features seamless construction, ensuring there are no splitting or weak spots.

• Stylish Design: With 24 different colour options, the tank can be matched to your Colorbond roof, gutter, or fence.

Product Specifications

Total Height 2710 mm
Inlet Height 2505 mm
Diameter 3510 mm
Capacity 22,500 Litres