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15,000 litre Round Water Tank

The classic Australian aesthetic meets efficiency with Coast & Country Water Tanks' 15,000-litre round water tank. Larger and even more versatile, this tank is a natural expansion for those seeking a greater water storage capacity without compromising on style.

Built right here, using the finest Australian Bluescope steel, our tanks are a testament to quality craftsmanship and longevity. Every tank is proudly delivered with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, complemented by a 20-year assurance on materials.

Dive into our broad palette of modern Colorbond hues, ensuring your tank seamlessly integrates with your home's aesthetics at no extra cost.

Tailored for the distinct landscapes, budgets, and styles of our clientele, Coast & Country Water Tanks always manufactures each tank to suit you. The capacity of 15,000 litres not only provides a large supplementary water source but also versatility. From replenishing your pool on a hot day to nurturing a vibrant and expansive garden, the possibilities are as large as the tank itself.

Standard Fittings, No Surprises:

  • Streamlined Outlet: 25mm outlet accompanied by a water-marked ball valve
  • Overflow Management: A robust 100mm overflow mechanism
  • High-Flow Filtration: A 400mm inlet strainer ensuring the purity of your stored water

    Round water tanks simple and iconic design makes them a lasting part of the Australian landscape.

    Not needing an internal brace system, round water tanks are the most cost effective way of storing large amounts of water for static water storage tanks or a whole house supply tank when there is no mains water available.

    One of the great advantages of steel water tanks, in addition to their size flexibility, is the range and locations of the fittings you can add on to your tank. Our steel round water tanks can have your Storz connection fitting installed here in our factory so you have a great RFS static water storage solution.

    While every tank from CCWT already includes the basic fittings needed for your water tank to function, we stock a massive range of extra water tank fittings that we can professionally install on your new tank as well.


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