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10,000 litre Round Water Tank

Coast & Country Water Tanks presents the iconic 10,000 litre round water tank. Designed with Australia's rich heritage in mind, our round water tanks have become a staple in homes and businesses across the nation. Beyond their traditional aesthetic, there are practical advantages to their design.

The primary allure of our round tanks is their unmatched value. Without the need for internal support rods like a slimline or modline water tank, these tanks are not only cost-effective but also naturally resilient to internal pressure. This means our round tanks can confidently scale to even larger capacities.

Placement is a breeze. The design allows for setting on a simple crusher dust pad, eliminating the need for costly concrete bases. With a range of modern Colorbond colours available, this tank effortlessly merges style with function, adding to your home's aesthetic while fulfilling essential storage needs.

Manufactured from top-grade Australian Bluescope steel, each tank promises durability. The confidence in our craftsmanship extends to a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and a 20-year guarantee on materials. With standard fittings like a 25mm outlet with a water-marked ball valve, a 100mm overflow, and a 400mm inlet strainer included, you receive a comprehensive package at a compelling price point.

Opting for the 10,000 litre round water tank ensures that you invest in a water storage solution that's not only long-lasting and reliable but also ingrained in the Australian landscape's very fabric. Plus, with our industry-leading Aquaplate Steel, lined with a food-grade polymer, your water remains untainted, separated from the metal, ensuring longevity.

Experience the blend of traditional style and innovation with Coast & Country Water Tanks.

    Round water tanks simple and iconic design makes them a lasting part of the Australian landscape.

    Not needing an internal brace system, round water tanks are the most cost effective way of storing large amounts of water for static water storage tanks or a whole house supply tank when there is no mains water available.

    One of the great advantages of steel water tanks, in addition to their size flexibility, is the range and locations of the fittings you can add on to your tank. Our steel round water tanks can have your Storz connection fitting installed here in our factory so you have a great RFS static water storage solution.

    While every tank from CCWT already includes the basic fittings needed for your water tank to function, we stock a massive range of extra water tank fittings that we can professionally install on your new tank as well.


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