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10 Reasons for Water Filtration

10 Reasons for Water Filtration

10 Reason’s why you may consider using a filtration system with your water tank water/ mains water supply;  


  1. Save money on bottled water. A three-stage water filtration system with UV can kill and remove 99.99% of bacteria and successfully remove sediment down to a 1 micron rating.
  2. Reduce your carbon footprint. By drinking filtered water over bottled water, you are helping to save thousands of waste going to landfill each year.
  3. Improved Health. Drinking the recommended daily amount of water (2 litres for women, 2.6 litres for men), prevents dehydration. This helps reduce stress, headaches and body aches.
  4. Extend the life of appliances and Plumbing. Filtration removes minerals that cause limescale to build up, which may damage appliances such as your dishwasher, washing machine and ice maker. Limescale build-up can also cause blockages in pipes and faucets.
  5. Cleaner water for cooking. Removing contaminants, minerals and bacteria in the water you cook with, will provide cleaner, tastier and healthier food.
  6. Minimise aggravation of skin conditions. Fluoride and chlorine in water can aggravate skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Children also can be especially susceptible.
  7. Remove soap scum. Over time chemicals in tap water can leave deposits on clothes, dishes and your bathroom tiles.
  8. Save on soap. A water filtration system can soften your water, which helps you to use less soap. Some minerals can prevent the ionic action of the soap which lowers its effectiveness.
  9. Keep your water supply disaster-proof. Even if your tap water is safe and tastes fine, natural disasters such as bush fires, storms and flooding can contaminate towns water supplies.
  10. Prevent Gastrointestinal disease. A filtration system with UV can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria that can be found in water, making it safer and healthier to drink.

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