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Under Deck Tanks: Customisable, Space-saving Steel Water Storage Solutions

Under Deck Tanks: Customisable, Space-saving Steel Water Storage Solutions

Finding efficient water storage solutions when you have limited space can be challenging, especially when council requirements demand large quantities of rainwater storage capacity. Under deck tanks provide a practical and cost-effective solution to these challenges. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of under deck steel water tanks by Coast and Country Water Tanks (CCWT) and how they can help you with your custom water storage needs.

Customisable Dimensions to Fit Any Space

The key advantage of steel water tanks, particularly our under deck tanks, is their customisability. CCWT manufactures tanks with custom dimensions, including height, width, and length within 50mm increments. This flexibility allows them to fit perfectly between the support beams of a deck or raised house, maximising the available space and providing a tailored water storage solution that meets your specific requirements.

Cost-efficient and Customisable for Your Needs

CCWT's under deck tanks are all custom-made to order, ensuring there's no increased cost for custom dimensions. Their low profile design makes them an affordable solution for their capacity. Since steel tanks aren't cast from a mould like a poly tank, the layout of your fittings can be tailored to suit your tanks location, making for a more hassle-free installation experience in those limited space environments.

Meeting Council Requirements with Custom Solutions

Under deck steel water tanks not only provide a space-saving solution but can also help meet council or BASIX requirements. CCWT's customisable tanks ensure that your property can meet the necessary water storage regulations, even when space is a challenge. Our expertise in providing tailored solutions allows us to deliver the required capacity without compromising on functionality or installation ease.

Discover Your Perfect Under Deck Water Storage Solution

Coast and Country Water Tanks is dedicated to providing quality steel water tanks that are customisable to fit your unique needs. Our under deck tanks offer an effective and affordable solution for those looking to maximise their water storage in tight spaces. With a focus on customer service and support, our friendly team is here to help guide you through the process of purchasing a water tank that meets your requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our range of under deck steel water tanks and how we can help you find the perfect storage solution for your property.