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5 great uses for your water tank

5 great uses for your water tank

Rainwater storage is nothing new to Australians and there is no secret why. Water tanks have helped people in remote areas that don’t have access to town supply while helping people in town be more liberal with their use of water - especially during times of water restrictions. Whichever way you look at it, rainwater storage is always going to be a part of our way of life.

When it comes to water tanks, there is a good number of ways to put that stored rainwater to good use so we’d like to explore just 5 great ways to use your rainwater.


Use number one: Keeping the garden and lawn healthy

There is no greater frustration than watching your much-loved front yard and garden perish in the harsh Summer sun during those long dry spells. Often we have water restrictions in place that can prevent us from tending to our plants and lawn so, more often than not, our hands are tied. The great thing about water tanks is that once you’ve stored that water, you can tend to the things that you care about. Providing that your water tank isn’t hooked up to a mains water supply, you will now have the freedom to keep your pride and joy as it should be: healthy and hydrated.

Use number two: Reduce your water bills

When using a water tank hooked up to your bathroom, laundry, and external hoses, you will significantly cut back on your water usage from the mains supply. 

If you were to have a  3100 litre water tank, you would get approximately 515 toilet flushes or 39 washing machine loads from a full water tank. Depending on the size of your household, it would be difficult to use your entire capacity in between rainfalls.

It's important to remember that it doesn't take a significant rainfall to refill most water tanks.

That means you’re saving some significant amounts of water and that’s going to save you some money.


Use number three: Drinking water

An ever-popular reason to have a water tank, especially if you live off-the-grid. This use really speaks for itself. You can store your own water and as long as you maintain your water tank by keeping sediment under control and the necessary accessories to keep your water filtered and vermin free – you’ll come to love the taste of all-natural rainwater.


Use number four: Top up the pool

If you’ve got a pool, it’s too easy to keep topped up when you’ve got a water tank. You don’t have to stress about the kids splashing all of the water out of the pool when you have a back-up supply and then during the winter, you can use your tank water for any of the other reasons suggested in this article.


Use number five: A feature that looks good, adds value and makes a statement


Water tanks add value to your home and when you match it with your roof or overall theme of your home, it becomes a great feature item. Our past customers have used their water tanks as the centrepiece to their backyards and gardens. Rainwater tanks also make a powerful statement about your stance with sustainability. 

Water is the most precious resource on this planet, saving thousands of litres at a time is quite the accomplishment.


That’s just five reasons. Water tanks have been used for even more reasons and you’re really only limited to your imagination. The great thing about water tanks is that they do all of those things and can last decades. That means you get more value out of your water tank over time than what you have to pay for it.