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How to replace components on a Puretec Hybrid G7 series

How to replace components on a Puretec Hybrid G7 series

A Puretec Hybrid G-series system should be serviced at least every 12 months, depending on the water quality. Puretec has provided a video instructional on this product - or just follow along with our instructions below!



Let's begin:

1) First of all, you will need to shut off the water supply to the system (tank or mains water supply) and release any pressure by opening a downstream tap or pressing a red pressure relief button as shown in the video.


2) To change the filter cartridges, unscrew the filter housings using the spanner and remove the old cartridges, then clean the bowls with PureTech

Use a sanitiser or detergent and warm water, then rinse


3) Check the o-rings for damage - replace them if necessary, and apply a light coating of food-grade silicon lubricant


4) Remove the packaging from the new filter cartridges and insert them in the housing bowls by making sure the cartridge is seated over the spigot in the base, then re-tighten the housing, turning them from left to right and making sure the spigot meets the housing heads are located centrally in the cartridges.


TIPS: To make a good seal, use the spanner to tighten the bowl until firm.

Be careful not to over-tighten.

Remember to record the cartridge model and install date. 


5) It's time to replace the UV lamp. Turn off the power unlock and open the cover to the unit, and unplug the ballast power connector. Allow the unit to cool and then disconnect the lamp connector detaching the Irving wire. Carefully lift the white cap from the aluminium nut and disconnect the lamp from the socket and then slowly remove the UV lamp from the chamber.


6) Next, we need to check the court sleeve to ensure it is clean. 

Remove the aluminium nut on top of the chamber.

(Tip: Put a bucket under the unit to catch any water that comes out)

Remove the aluminium nut from the bottom of the stainless steel chamber, holding the bottom of the sleeve to prevent it from falling. To ensure you don't lose the bottom nut while unscrewing the bottom nut, there is a spring inside the sleeve.

Slide the quartz sleeve through and out of the top of the chamber and remove the other o-ring from the sleeve.

Apply a light coating of food-grade silicone lubricant to the o-rings if necessary 

Check o-rings for damage and replace if necessary

In the event that the glass does not come up clear or clean, you will need to install a new replacement cord sleeve; for now, follow the next steps and install the new sleeve once it has arrived.

7) It's time to reinstall the sleeve by placing an o-ring on the new or clean sleeve  leaving approximately one inch from the end, slide the court sleeve into the top of the chamber and carefully slide down through the bottom opening of the chamber until the o-ring sits on top of the chamber as shown place the bottom o-ring on the court sleeve and screw the bottom aluminium nut onto the chamber, gently tap the sleeve on the top to ensure that it is sitting firmly on the bottom aluminium nut, drop the spring into the court sleeve and then screw the top aluminium nut back onto the chamber as shown. 

8) We just have to install the new lamp -

Remove the lamp from its packaging and connect the four pins to the socket in the white cap slowly. Connect the UV lamp to the top of the chamber, plug in the ballast power connector and turn the power on to reset the countdown timer. Press and hold the silver button for 15 seconds until a single beep is heard

There is a report the display will show 365 days, and the green LED button will be lit up when the lid is closed. Check for leaks and restore the water supply

9) Turn on a downstream tap and let water run through the unit

For two to three minutes to release any air and impurities. After one hour, check for leaks again. Now the system is ready.


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