VSRM48-72 Variable Speed Multistage Pump

10.0 kg

The REEFE® VSRM series variable-speed constant pressure series is a perfect combination of the ultra-reliable PRHM series stainless steel multistage pressure pumps and the super-efficient and easy to use REEFE® VSD controllers. These compact and quiet pumps now offer exceptional energy savings through the efficient inverter technology saving you on your operational costs. With our market-leading functionality and extensive range of sizes, there is certainly a pump to suit your pumping requirements. From whole house supply to amenities blocks supply to off the grid solar system operation, generator operation and irrigation systems these pumps can do it all.

Great For; 

  • Whole house supply, apartment blocks
  • Commercial laundry applications
  • Amenities, blocks, hotels, restaurants
  • Stock watering systems, chicken farms
  • Irrigation supply
  • Mains pressure boosting