RPS050F Submersible Pump with 1inch Aquasaver

10.0 kg

RPS050F Submersible Pump with 1inch Aquasaver is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The RPS050F Submersible Pump With 1inch Aquasaver is designed for speed of installation with an integrated pressure controller, no solenoid valve or electronic controls. This RPS050F Submersible Pump is combined with a 1inch Aquasaver, a fully automatic hydraulic rainwater/mains water changeover device designed for pressure pump supply systems for harvesting rainwater for the toilet, laundry, and household applications with automatic mains backup. It is suitable for most domestic applications

Great For; 

  • Whole house supply up to 6 bathrooms*
  • Toilet blocks*
  • Garden irrigation*
  • Ablutions blocks*
  • Hotels & motels*
  • Factories & warehouses*
  • Units & complexes*
  • Council parks irrigation*