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Mini-garden kit


Our ready to go garden bed is PERFECT for a balcony, deck, garden or path.

Shipped to your front door - our garden bed arrives assembled and ready to go. 

Choose a higher quality product.

  • All other garden beds in the market are made from cheap, thin metal and require additional assembly once they get to you. Our garden beds are made from Aquaplate Steel - the same material for water tanks to protect them from corrosion. 
  • The edge is machine folded - so no need for rubber or plastic edges that deteriorate in the sun.
  • The joins are fastened with high-strength self-piercing rivets - giving them a flat and flush finish to the wall.
  • Delivered to your door - ready to go. No need to spend hours putting a garden bed together before you can start gardening. Open it up, and away you go.

  • It's 100% recyclable (and the box is made from recycled material)

Dimensions in mm (L x W x H)

1200 x 600 x  360
Available colours



Pale Eucalypt



Woodland Grey


This design is perfect for the urban gardener who has limited space. These garden beds work perfectly on a high-rise balcony, a court yard, a deck or along your drive way. 


Grow your own food - or just plants you love

Be mindful of the season - but you can grow anything you want in these garden beds.

These garden beds are affordable and will bring any space to life.

Add a base

Want to garden on your deck or balcony but don't want to damage the surface? Or maybe you want to be able to move your garden to your new home without having to dig it all up?

Adding a base is a great solution. 

Our bases are made from double-sided Aquaplate.

That means they are solid, protected from rust on both sides and allow you to pick up (maybe with some help) and move it whenever you need to.

Add irrigation

Want to make your garden bed smarter?

Our irrigation system is super simple to assemble and can be added to your order.

Once you're all set up, plug your garden hose in, and your new garden has a built-in sprinkler system. You can water your new garden bed with the twist of a tap - or - add an automatic tap timer so you can set and forget.