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ESR2-T1 Tripla T1 Faucet


Tripla T1 Faucet With Filter & UV Technology, 1 Micron

The ESR2-T1 system includes the Tripla-T1 mixer tap and an undersink UV system designed to kill bacteria. It uses ESR2 filtration technology and incorporates Tripla-T1 triple action tapware to give you hot, cold and filtered rainwater, all from just one mixer.

The ESR2-Tripla™ incorporates Radfire™’s UV and Tripla’s triple-action tap all-in-one system. This system is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria in untreated water supplies. The Tripla™ mixer tap gives you hot, cold and filtered rainwater water, all from just one mixer. There’s absolutely no mixing of filtered and unfiltered water.


• 3-in-1 tap design - no mixing of filtered or unfiltered water.
• Hot, cold, filtered/or rainwater water all from just one mixer.
• Filter change reminder light – LED changes from blue to red.
• Turns your rainwater into pure, safe, delicious and healthy drinking water anytime!
• Specifically designed to kill harmful microorganisms in untreated water supplies.
• Uses Puretec Radfire™ ultraviolet technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria - eco-friendly and does not use chemicals.
• Removes sediment, dirt, rust, bad taste and odour. Silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth.
• WaterMark approved.


Ordering Code - ESR2-T1
Tap Style - Tripla T1 3-way LED Mixer Tap
Flow Rate - 7.5 Lpm WELS Rating 4 Stars
Replacement Lamp and Cartridges
Stage 1 filtration - PL051
Stage 2 filtration - MC011-S
UV Lamp -RL2
Min/Max Temperature - 0 - 52ºC
Maximum Pressure - 500 kPa
Tap Hole - 33mm diameter
Warranty - 6 years^
Important Note: Use only genuine Puretec replacement cartridge.