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ClayTech M6 - Multistage Pump 6 Taps 80L/Min

$625.00 $712.00

Ideal pump for your rainwater tank. Quieter operation with the revolutionary water-cooled motor. Easy to clean and with a LED display for easy operation.

Why This Pump?

ClayTech M-series integrated water pump has a multistage impeller design. The pressure is developed over multiple impellers making the operation quieter and more efficient. It is the ideal pump for your house rainwater tank. The pre-filter is integrated into the pump making it easy to clean without the use of a spanner. The pump is powered by a revolutionary water-cooled motor. This means quieter operation. Also, no air movement is required across the motor for cooling purposes meaning the pump can be located in confined spaces or completely covered, protecting it from the weather. The M Series also has a friendly LED display to view the pressure and operation mode of the pump.

Key Benefits

Compact, light, robust and easy to use. Equipped with orientable suction connection plus integrated non-return valve and pre-filter for extended pump life. Facility to empty residual water to protect it from frost and accumulation of limescale also included.

  • Auto Controller with loss of prime protection
  • Swivel connection with quick release
  • Pre-filter for easy maintenance
  • Integrated easily accessible non-return valve
  • Quiet, water-cooled motor
  • LED Display