ClayTech CMS M6A1 - M6 Multistage Pump + 1" AcquaSaver

$1,167.99 $1,451.00
Above Ground Rainwater Management Systems
Suitable for domestic toilets, washing machine & external garden taps.
Why this pump?

ClayTech Management Systems (CMS) provide the convenience of automatic selection between your water tank and mains supply, with the emphasis on maximizing the use of your rainwater

When tank water is available the CMS will draw water from this source using the pump to deliver your water requirements. During power outages or in the case your tank supply is depleted the CMS automatically transfers to mains water supply. CMS will automatically select to supply from your water tank as soon as rainwater is available again.

ClayTech M6 Pump

Compact, light, robust and easy to use. Equipped with orientable suction connection plus integrated non-return valve and pre-filter for extended pump life. Facility to empty residual water to protect it from frost and accumulation of limescale also included.

Suitable for domestic toilets, washing machine & external garden taps
  • Auto Controller with loss of prime protection
  • Swivel connection with quick release
  • Pre-filter for easy maintenance
  • Integrated easily accessible non-return valve
  • Quiet, water-cooled motor
  • LED Display

    AcquaSaver Water Diversion Valve - 1 Inch
    Hydraulically Operated. Solid Brass Construction. Built-in Dual Check Valves. Prioritise the use of rainwater over mains water and will automatically switch over to mains water in the event of the rainwater tank running low.

    The AcquaSaver® Valve is a fully automatic mechanical rainwater/mains water changeover device designed for pressure pump supply systems for harvesting rainwater for the toilet, laundry and household applications with automatic mains backup.

    Watermark approved
    Does not require regular maintenance
    No electrical consumption - No electronic components
    Solid brass construction - Fully weatherproof - Built to last
    Suitable for any pressure pump with sufficient head pressure
    Can be mounted in any position
    Built-in dual check valve for backflow prevention

    How does AcquaSaver Work?
    The AcquaSaver® Valve will always prioritize the use of rainwater over mains water when rainwater is available and will automatically switch over to mains water in the event of the rainwater tank running low or electrical failure

    When rainwater has been replenished or power has been restored to the pump, the AcquaSaver valve will automatically prioritize back to rainwater.

    The pump is only active when rainwater is being drawn from the water tank, it does not operate when the AcquaSaver Valve has switched to mains position.

    The pump controller starts and stops the pump when it detects a demand - for example flushing a toilet or using a washing machine.

    The operating mechanism of the AcquaSaver Valve is a unique patent design, it works by hydraulic water pressure created by the pump to close one inlet fully before opening the other inlet. This ensures an extremely reliable mechanism using a few moving parts and no electronic components and no energy consumption.