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Holman 12mm Hi-Flow Nozzle Set (metal)

  • Adjustable Spray Pattern
  • Fits 20mm and 25mm tap connections
  • 12mm snap on fittings

The Holman 'Grip 'n' Lock' fittings feature a separate compression ring with extra sharp teeth that lock onto the outside of the hose. The 'Grip 'n' Lock' fittings also have a longer tail and a sharp barb that locks on to the inside of the hose. Combined, they form a connection that simply will not fail.

  • Jet
  • Full
  • Cone

Longer tail and sharper barb for a positive grip.

Higher compression olive due to a new engineered olive with super sharp teeth.

Connect or disconnect the fitting with the lock mechanism - No need to cut the hose!

Honours all statutory guarantees that this product is of acceptable quality. (Holman)