Rainwater tanks for Newcastle

Buy water tank Newcastle

We have curated the perfect collection of water tanks that are suitable for Sydney water tanks applications. 

Not all water tanks are suitable for installation in Newcastle so we've made a short list of products that will work perfectly. Whether you're a builder, plumber or just want to add a rainwater harvesting solution to your property - these rainwater tanks will be a perfect fit for your purposes.

Water storage is a critical part of any property and is worth considering.

If you're chasing a bargain on some cheap water tanks - we have refurbished products located at our address in Morisset, New South Wales.

Water tanks for sale

 What size water tank should I get?

This depends on the space you have available to you and how visible you would like your water tank to be. 

Normally, when buying water tanks in Newcastle you are probably space restricted and need to get a slimline that will fit down the side of your home. 

A few options you will find in this collection

  • 1,000 litre water tank Slimline
  • 2,000 litre water tank Slimline
  • 3,000 litre water tank Slimline
  • 4,000 litre water tank Slimline
  • 5,000 litre water tank Slimline
  • 7,000 litre water tank Slimline

The space you have available on-site will decide the size of the water tank you will buy. 


What type of water tanks do you offer?

We sell the 4 different shapes that metal water tanks are available in:

  • Slimline
  • Round
  • Modline (rectangle)
  • Square



Rainwater tanks Newcastle

We've been  a local manufacturer in Newcastle for the last 20 years. While the majority of our work is slimline water tanks in Sydney - we still provide a large number of rainwater tanks in Newcastle. 


Why choose steel water tanks?

Steel water tanks are longer lasting than other materials used for steel water tank manufacturing. While the initial outlay is more than plastic - steel water tanks will last significantly longer (on average by ten years) which actually makes steel water tanks cheaper than poly water tanks.

Do you have a water tank factory?

We do! It's open to the public to visit - you'll be able to see our production line from our front lobby - while tanks are being made. Steel tank production is still involves a good amount of manual labour. Whether its a small water tank or a large water tank, the process is the same and one we have perfected over the years.

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