Garden Accessories

Garden Accessories
Holman Rain Gauge Cylinder
Holman iHose Kink Resistant 30m
Holman iHose Kink Resistant 15m
Holman iHose Kink Resistant 20m
Holman 9 Function Wand with 70cm Tilt Head
Holman Wireless Weather Forecaster with Outdoor Sensor
Holman Wall Mounted GreenWall
Holman Vertical Planting Kit with Installed Watering System
Save $4.00
Holman Trade Hose 12mm x 40m fitted with gun
$95.00 $99.00
Holman Rain Gauge Wedge
Holman Mobile GreenWall including Watering Kit
Holman Metal Impact Sprinkler with Timer Base
Holman Digital Tap Timer
Holman Combo Gun Set
Holman 2hr Mechanical Tap Timer
20m Holman Deluxe Misting System with Misting Tap Timer
Holman 20m Deluxe Misting System
Holman 12mm Hi-Flow Nozzle Set (metal)
Holman 12mm Hi-Flow Nozzle Set
Holman 10 Function Gun Set
Holman Water Whiz Digital Tap Timer Two Outlet
Holman Misting Tap Timer