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A brief description of BASIX

A brief description of BASIX

Basix stands for the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) and is a state-based environmental planning policy with goals to significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with residential dwellings as well as the conservation of water resources. Our water resources are under constant pressure due to persistent droughts and high populations.

Since October 2005 the NSW Government’s BASIX program has required all new dwellings in the State to commit to mandatory water and emission (energy) reduction targets. A new home must use up to 40 per cent less water and emit up to 40 per cent fewer greenhouse gases than an average pre-BASIX home before development approval can be granted. New pools over 40,000 litres and renovations worth over $50,000 is also subject to BASIX.

BASIX users enjoy flexibility in deciding which energy and water-saving measures they may undertake. BASIX has been in action since 2005 and has proven to be one of Australia's greatest sustainable planning measures.

Climate change is one of humanity’s greatest challenges. As such, the NSW Government endorses the United Nations Paris Agreement on climate change and has released its own Climate Change Policy Framework.
Through water-saving fixtures and alternative water sources encouraged by BASIX, NSW households have saved an estimated 281 billion litres of drinking water over the past 15 years.

BASIX requirements have guided New South Wales on a path of sustainability- allowing Australian's to continue to contribute to the global effort of reducing climate change while also protecting our own limited resources.